25 %


Increase your customer base by providing access to 25% of the market who are disabled.

10000 +


Reduce your exposure to the more then 10,000 annual lawsuits settling on avg for $12,500.

90 %


Rank higher then your competition for SEO with 90% of websites being inaccessible.

$ 5000

Right it off

Get up to $5,000 back form the IRS for expenditures incurred enhancing business accessibility.


Our Over-Site Overlay offers a custom tailored and nonintrusive accessibility solution allowing your developer to seamlessly integrate accessibility into their original work without disrupting existing design elements or requiring ongoing subscriptions. Unlike traditional widgets and quick-fix overlays that provide limited and temporary solutions by hiding errors or making the user adjust your website, our approach addresses the root issues, enhancing user experience for individuals with disabilities while maintaining the integrity and functionality of the website thus ensuring substantial compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards.

We conduct a thorough audit of your website to identify accessibility issues. Based on this audit, we create a customized JavaScript file tailored to address these specific issues.

The generated JavaScript file is provided to you. This script is then integrated into your website’s codebase by adding it to the header or footer of your web pages. This can be done by your development team or with our assistance.

Once integrated, the script automatically applies the necessary accessibility fixes each time a user loads a page on your website, ensuring ongoing compliance with WCAG and SEC508 standards.

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Whether you're targeting high-traffic pages or aiming to achieve standard AA level conformance, our report equips you to meet your goals at your budget, with the click of a button. No one likes complicated dashboard navigation and having a widget is like giving the disabled a temporary ramp for a property in case theirs a staircase. This doesn’t increase their access or decrease your exposure. Compliance needs to be built in not bolted on. Our “Accessibility Roadmap Report” provides your developer with the tool they need to effortlessly categorize and prioritize remediations seamlessly into their original work.

We begin with a comprehensive audit of your website to identify accessibility issues and areas for improvement. This detailed analysis targets both high-traffic pages and overall site conformance, aiming for standards such as AA level compliance.

Based on the audit, we generate a tailored “Accessibility Roadmap Report.” This report provides your developer with detailed, actionable insights, categorizing and prioritizing the necessary remediations according to your goals and budget.

The roadmap report equips your developer with clear instructions and recommendations, allowing them to seamlessly integrate the necessary fixes into the existing website design and code.

$349 Per Website

Accessibility Shield Certification

It costs on avg $500 to file a lawsuit so why would a plaintiff waste their time and money if there are millions of websites out there that aren’t certified. Unsurprisingly, the people filing web lawsuits aren’t your loyal customers. For these serial plaintiffs make a business out of taking yours, armed with the plethora of free online tools to spot any of your compliance gaps all from the comfort of their couch. Our “Accessibility Shield Certification” is the “lawsuit-ion” ensuring legal compliance with a comprehensive accessibility statement that communicates to your “actual customers”, of how to best navigate your site and a protective seal displayed to deter the plaintiff’s from ever suing it.

Inform disabled users of your accessibility status by providing them with a guide of how to best navigate and interact with your website.

Prominently display your commitment to accessibility on your website acting as a beacon to the disabled and a deterrent to plaintiffs.

Maintain confidence and compliance post-inspection for with clear, actionable instructions for maintaining compliance as your website evolves.

Included in Both services

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