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"I liked that it was a one time fee. We're a small business so our site doesn't change much. Plus subscriptions add up and I just wanted this disability thing over and done with."
Tom K.
"We got hit with a suit! Had no idea what service to use. It seems like there are a million options out there like widgets etc, so it was just nice to find a company that covered it all."
Jan T.
“It helped that I could use the developer that built my site and not some team. I spent a lot of time designing it. With the report we were able to pick what to fix and when."
Sean C.


Our all-in-one service increases your access with a comprehensive report that helps you identify and resolve violations, while our protective certification decreases your exposure to lawsuits.

  • Instant Results
  • Full Compliance Check
  • Error Corrections
  • Legal protection
  • One Time Fee


No subscription required.

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Accessibility Roadmap REPORT

Whether you're targeting high-traffic pages or aiming to achieve standard AA level conformance, our report equips you to meet your goals at your budget, with the click of a button. No one likes complicated dashboard navigation and having a widget is like giving the disabled a temporary ramp for a property in case theirs a staircase. This doesn’t increase their access or decrease your exposure. Compliance needs to be built in not bolted on. Our “Accessibility Roadmap Report” provides your developer with the tool they need to effortlessly categorize and prioritize remediations seamlessly into their original work.

Get a grade on your websites accessibility so that you know where you stand.

Navigate directly to the source of your errors from the webpage down to the exact line of code.

Benefit from knowing of errors usually only detected by expert manual analysis.

Group specific types of errors from Criteria to Assertion, ranking them by their impact on user experience from Minor to Critical, and aligning your compliance efforts with WCAG Conformance Levels A, AA, and AAA.

Target your highest occurring errors allowing you to focus your efforts for maximum impact.

Address errors with step-by-step guides and direct links to detailed code references while systematically recording each resolution as you go.

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25 %


Increase your customer base by providing access to 25% of the market who are disabled.

10000 +


Reduce your exposure to the more then 10,000 annual lawsuits settling on avg for $12,500.

90 %


Rank higher then your competition for SEO with 90% of websites being inaccessible.

$ 5000

Right it off

Get up to $5,000 back form the IRS for expenditures incurred enhancing business accessibility.

Accessibility Shield Certification

It costs on avg $500 to file a lawsuit so why would a plaintiff waste their time and money if there are millions of websites out there that aren’t certified. Unsurprisingly, the people filing web lawsuits aren’t your loyal customers. For these serial plaintiffs make a business out of taking yours, armed with the plethora of free online tools to spot any of your compliance gaps all from the comfort of their couch. Our “Accessibility Shield Certification” is the “lawsuit-ion” ensuring legal compliance with a comprehensive accessibility statement that communicates to your “actual customers”, of how to best navigate your site and a protective seal displayed to deter the plaintiff’s from ever suing it.

Inform disabled users of your accessibility status by providing them with a guide of how to best navigate and interact with your website.

Prominently display your commitment to accessibility on your website acting as a beacon to the disabled and a deterrent to plaintiffs.

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This is likened to providing a customizable ramp to an upper patio at a restaurant. The disabled already have a tool called a screen reader and all its reading is the non-corrected code on your website. In fact all that little icon at the bottom of your screen does is act as a beacon to plaintiff’s that you aren’t accessible because you're willing to pay monthly for one. Disabilities maybe a spectrum, but accessibility should not be an adjustment.
Providing this is compared to a restaurant falsely denying the existence of an upper patio. Many of them provide just a quick fix by pasting new code onto the old, often masking the underlying issues instead of addressing them. This puts a blindfold on the already blind, and as soon as you stop paying your subscription you stop being “accessible”.
Much like providing a separate lower-level patio for disabled patrons. This often not only provides a segregated experience but a less compelling one to a large potential client base, as it often requires removing significant features on your website. This is inherently discriminatory and doesn't prevent lawsuits as plaintiffs don’t need to choose the accessible version of your website to sue you.
Similar to having a contractor build a ramp to the restaurants upper patio. Hiring an outside company to take over the full task of making your website compliant could mean losing control of key design elements you intimately worked with your developer to build in the 1st place, while paying for things you aren’t ready to fix with money you aren’t ready to spend.

Although accessibility might seem daunting to the average person, it’s familiar territory for developers as accessibility is basically baked into standard website practices, so much so that Google scans websites for SEO in the exact way a disabled screen reader does. This means increasing your access, increasing your optimization. All they need is a reference like our report to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Remediation costs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on what you choose to fix, but it’s better to invest in your business now than a costly mediation later. Luckily our report lets you set your goals at your budget by prioritizing errors that impact user accessibility most and issues that statistically are most likely to be sued for.

If the Roman ruins were fully fixed for wheelchairs they wouldn’t exactly be ruins anymore, would they? No one is ever 100% complaint which is why you need to have a pragmatic approach as you may have barriers like integrated software you can’t even control, not to mention the fact that the code is always being updated.

No one likes subscriptions so that all depends on if you want the evidence of your hard work. Sometimes it can help to substantiate and validate your compliance post remediation, especially as a compliant report can be a valuable asset for mediating potential lawsuits.

Making your website compliant isn’t necessarily difficult, especially since we provide the actual fixes which can often be straightforward. It’s more about consistency and attention to detail than complexity as the challenge often lies in the repetition of these fixes. For example, if you run a tourism site loaded with images, each image needs a unique description in the backend code so that screen readers can convey these visuals to users with disabilities.

Just like with your kitchen renovation it just makes sense if you update your website to get it checked again. This is better than the alternative of being hooked on an endless scanning subscription as most business aren’t an Amazon.com, constantly changing the landscape of their website.

Making your website accessible can’t guarantee protection from all lawsuits, especially since so many are frivolous and motivated more by profit than genuine accessibility concerns. The key here then is more about psychology then accessibility as our certification makes plaintiffs aware before they sue that you have been inspected and thus are a less desirable target compared to the millions of other easier websites out there.

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